Modernize Your Trading Process

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What We Do

Hub+ is a process-and-control workflow solution that aggregates information across your existing systems, providing operational efficiencies in core processes including collection and validation of fees, resulting in transparency for you and your clients. 

Who We Are

We help you reduce risk by providing better management oversight, eliminating manual processing, and maximize revenue by identifying missed revenue opportunities. Our technology automation software: 

  • Improves operational efficiency cost-effectively 
  • Increases revenue by identifying revenue leakage and fee collection opportunities 
  • Improves management oversight & risk reduction by providing timely information 


Our Solutions

The Hub+ product consists of four key components: 


  • Normalizes trade flow to/from the NSCC, sub-custodian(s), or directly to the fund manager 
  • Supports transaction timing rules used across mutual fund universe 


  • Balances mutual fund assets daily on an exception basis 
  • Tracks out-of-balance conditions by age, fund family, reconciler, and out-of-balance threshold 


  • Reconciles, calculates, allocates, and posts income based on fund rules 
  • Forecasts expected income across entire book of funds 


  • Reconciles to fund family and sub-custodian(s) 
  • Supports any type of revenue sharing arrangement 
  • Normalizes various payment cycles of fund companies 
  • Reconciles revenue back to plan billing 
  • Helps you comply with DOL Regulations