About AmericanTCS

Our Mission

Creating Financial Security for All Americans

AmericanTCS has been collaborating with financial intermediaries to provide successful financial outcomes for almost 50 years. At AmericanTCS, investor success isn’t a marketing slogan, it’s our mission and we have the data to prove it. AmericanTCS is proud to provide our clients with a team of industry leaders. From our administrative staff to our investment team, our culture embraces a spirit of support and dedication to helping you achieve your goals.

Our Brand

The AmericanTCS logo is based upon the plow, one of the key tools that brought wealth and prosperity to early America.

Used in the preparation of crops such as wheat, the plow allowed a single worker to plant several acres of crops in a day. The efficiency the plow brought to this process transformed the exercise of agriculture from being a means to support a single family into an entire industry that helped fuel the rapid growth of population and the expansion of the frontier.

We built AmericanTCS through our dedication to innovation, integrity, and desire to help people achieve a successful financial outcome. With a history dating back almost 50 years, our firm was founded by hard-working, forward-thinking entrepreneurs truly embodying the American spirit that this country was built upon.

American TCS Organization Chart

Our Leadership Team

Success is one of the greatest benefits an employer can provide an employee, yet we know it doesn’t come without challenges. Our goal at AmericanTCS is to make it easy. We offer a modern, intuitive experience with new technology and reporting to make the financial experience easier and more user-friendly for everyone.

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AmericanTCS Team?

AmericanTCS is part of EdgeCo Holdings, a diversified financial services organization with over 700 employees across the globe. Click below to see currently available positions at AmericanTCS and across EdgeCo.